What is a NetWanga tm ?  
  A NetWanga is a magical voodoo bag that protects your computer from hackers.
Choose the NetWanga for your System
Windows Macintosh Linux
Windows Family Macintosh Linux
Solaris Mainframes Vintage Computers
Solaris, Unix Mainframes, Minis, SuperComputers Vintage Computers
  Every NetWanga contains a collection of secret ingredients specially chosen for your particular computer system. The voodoo spirits, the loa, bestow their essence and protective power upon the NetWanga.
  Your NetWanga is carefully hand-prepared, it's secret elements sealed in a satin bag, which is threaded with wire and small clip-leads.
  Clip the NetWanga onto your computer. A good spot would be your keyboard, monitor, or network cable.
  Recite the voodoo activation code, "Hackers Stay Away!" "Hackers Stay Away!" "Hackers Stay Away!"
  The NetWanga's defensive magic will now enter your computer and guard you against evil hacker attacks!
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